Whole Lotta Money Remix lyrics

(Verse 1:SpongeBob SquarePants)

I ran out the city like Casablanca
I really have to go so hasta mañana
The limo come in all yellow just like a banana
I'm chilling in the sun while I’m drinking my Fanta
If you don't want a fight fight,you should have never put your fucking hands up

Haters are mad that I went back to my old sound
I smack your bitch up like I'm Chris Brown
I don’t go across the world,I go around
Wait,pause for a minute
I didn't mean for my bitch ass to be offensive

I am a quarterback,but I play like I'm on defense
I listened to your song and it made no sense
Stop all that nonsense
You bitches need to use common sense
This song cost me like six cents

(Verse 2:Mista Krab$)

It's a whole lotta money that I like
We both brought this song a new vibe
Playing games with me,Counter Strike
Twin Glocks,Mike and Ike
I'mma end it right here. Sike!

I'm going harder than ever
When are you getting your money back? Never!
I'm fucking your bitch and I'm making her wetter
I got different songs for different types of weather
I don’t freestyle at a given time,I do it whenever

Fuck everybody in the room
I’m like Metro Boomin the way I make it boom
Before you cross ties,you should tie your shoes
All this damn money,I can smell it
Well back to SpongeBob,go tell them!

(Verse 3:SpongeBob SquarePants & Young Ace)

I smoke these opps like cigarettes
You're the person I’ll never forget
Ay,shoutout to Sponge Gang. (Sponge gang)
We doing our thang
With the Choppa,let it bang

It's a whole lotta money that Crabs likes
Pull up on you with no strap like a-
Hold on. Pause on that
I called him Rick Ross because he fat
She gave me her children,now I'm the dad

You're pathetic,never forget it
She talked about her WAP and I’m tryna wet it
Racks on me like some lettuce
Yeah you never met us
And you never will. (You won't!)

(Verse 4:SpongeBob SquarePants)

If you don't wanna get cancelled,don't go on Twitter
I spend most of my days in the shitter
I trained my homies like Master Splinter
It's so damn cold in the winter
If I beef with anyone,I'm the winner

Had to get all these racks by my lonely
R.I.P. to Speaker Knockerz
I might smash your daughter
Yeah I'm chill,but on the mic I'm a monster
You barely even know me

How low can I go?
I don't even know
Yeah,this low

(Verse 5:SpongeBob SquarePants)

I was fucking around in the studio
We ran out of soda,so I'm taking shots of Don Julio
I'm not usually this dumb,but on this flow I feel stupid though
You all are still waiting for the album and yet you call me a goat
Waiting for the album will put you in freeze mode

The IRS is taxing
Son of Poseidon like Percy Jackson
On this beat I'm snapping
In my raps,I'm never capping
You not bad,you just need practice

SpongeBob SquarePants – Whole Lotta Money Remix

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