Never Scared lyrics

Bitch Now let get it up
& I ain’t pullin up
Until I cope that Bentley truck
Bunch of pussy nigga cross the city
& they can’t fade wit us
Ridin round this bitch wit ma dogs
Catchin paper cuts
“Heard you moved out “Catch ridin round wit that bitch
N if I see you we gon shoot it out
Been done dripped in Barnes wit like 20
In ma loub pouch
That nigha spee a problem WTF
They gon do now
Ain’t shit changed still on the same shit
Before I buss down the carti
I done fucked yo bitchWe a shoot up the party if them niggas
Get to trippin
I ain’t really into Cappin I’m just talkin
How I’m livin
Lil Dev home shit bro been a min
Maestros wit ma niggas
Spent a bankroll quickly
Always scammin in the field
Tranna hit a whole 100
I ain’t fuckin wit them niggas cuz they ain’t
Got no love foe mе“Yea niggaa”
Palm tree the mafia nigha“Nothin but gang business ovеr here”“Get yo chili up” nigha“Yea”& I kept ma faith
I was sleeping on the couch
Stayin ma brother
We was on section 8
All ma niggas home they catch bodies
4 they catch plays
Tranna figure out if I’m cop that rari
Or that bentega
Drippin up in Neiman I’m
Just slurring on moms
Pussy nigga said he tried me
Tell em try 1 mo time
Ridin round wit ma Glock
Shit I think it’s a 9
Fell in love wit the top
But the pussy was fireIf a nigga try me I’m gon touch em
Still all about the bengimans
Like I’m bookem
Nigga flashin 10bands look how
Long it took em
Got it on em right now
Don’t make me do it

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