[Verse One]
Yo I'm a champ at this rap shit
We 'bout to have church just like the baptist
Show you what a soul clap is
Legendary Johnny Mathis, I'm so active
Me and 9th go perfectly like somersaults and backflips
We moving latinos, white boys, even the black kids
The Asian cats that truly know what rap is
You know the fact is, Spec should've been signed
Metaphors got more kicks in 'em then Finish Line
I'm off the hook like phones up in your project
So nostalgic the rap game so overcrowded
Down south say you "bout it"
Out west they say "fo sheezo"
Up north, "what's happening my peoples"
It's live when I breathe on it
Raw performance, put G's on it
Got no doe? Put your car keys on it
Take you old school, battle for jewels
Battle for drugs, battle for booze
Battle for shoes, fuck if I lose, I re-up and re-battle you fools
Army of one, hottest shit to shine since the sun
I'm the chosen one plus some
Bang like percussions, hang a man with my verbal discussions
You can't touch him, burn your chest like a white Russian
Plus I got your block buzzing
Listen dukes, we are definitely not cousins
But that's okay cause you love how I rock
The ladies love how I rock the fellas love how I rock
Spectac, dropping you gifts just like it's Christmas
Really doesn't matter if you mister or missus
Throw up both your hands, let me see you pump your fists
[Hook] {x2}
When I rock throw your fists
Fuck if you mister or missus
This is, thee exquisite
Pump your fist if you feel it
Throw up your hands if you feel it
Spectac is the illest [Verse Two]
I Rap A Lot, I rap aloud
I rap for kids from down south who ain't never coming out
You heard about it word of mouth
Fat Beats, Def Jam South
I'm coming out
Diana Ross style, no flossing
Six million dollars to spend like Steve Austin
The platinum chains is so costing
I'd rather spend it on them seedy ass knucklehead kids, I do it so often
That's why the baby mamas love me
Wanna bone me
Not enough to go around so you try to clone me
And no matter what side of town get "what up homie?"
Hi fives and shit, we live as shit
Hip hop is my two front teeth, I want to die with this
So called, Mission Impossible
Juggernaut, unstoppable
South Carolina's prodigal son has returned
I can't be burned
I bring lessons from the ghetto that can't be learned
From a higher source, you hot take your clothes off
I'm that uncooked raw, if you sniff, take your nose off
Spectac is back, I'm telling you doc
The little kids on the block
The mister and missus, they love what I got
They love how I blow the spot
Love how I keep 'em hot
Point blank they just love how I rock
When I rock
[Hook][Verse Three]
On these Carolina backroads where I mastered these rap flows
And hit up shows like city pimps used to smack hoes
Rapping through they asshole and mouth
Used to think shit and fly words come out
The bathroom is where we hung out
Cause somehow that brought out the bass in your beatbox
Make music with your mouth and vibrations from the sheetrocks
10 years before Pete Rock we watched that street rock
Get us high like Woodstock, the cities had good cops
And little kids rocked they Reeboks doing they bus stop
On the all white hi tops, couldn't wait for my time to drop
Finally my whole cliques on and I'ma put it on
Any track that I'm spitting on, I'ma get the getting 'fore it's gone
You that soft porn, I'm that hard shit
Triple X, Van Diesel hard dick
I'ma flow regardless
No matter if you're old or young or just started
Whether you gangstas or mobsters, poets or authors
It's really not bothering me, you're all garbage
Quick disposal, only flow local
I'm worldwide and so vocal
I bet if you like bifocals, wrestling style or chokehold
You can't get loose
I'm like O.J., I did it, but you can't get proof
Verbal mortar shell
Hit cats in groups or by themselves
Mines on the top charts and yours on the bottom shelves
You niggas know that I rock well
It never fails I set wind to your sails like Nautica
Blow like Orca the whale, tipping your scale
Plus I write jams like how it guarantee to co-sale when I rock
The world loves how I rock

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