"Where do they go? Oh I don't know. Nobody knows." [Verse One]
I ain't vote for Bush, but we got him
And I ain't pull a gun on King, but we shot him
The whole world is rock bottom
It gets about as ghetto as Harlem
10:00 news, Showtime at The Apollo
Watch then follow my lead, it's harder to breathe
Ozone layer falling into the sea
From the birds in the sky to the lands and trees
What's worse man got it for free
I guess it's harder for me to see my folks, beautiful black folks
Strung out on dope and getting life on death row
Some in denial some saying it's not so
Some still praying while preaching the gospel
And every takeover now is extremely hostile
And peace is about as rare as summers in Moscow
I guess that's a day in the world
It's the way of the world
The world's at war[Hook]
It's like War of the World and I'm Orson Wells
Little kids seem lost themselves
They were born in Heaven tossed to Hell of course it's real
In third world countries kids starving for meals
And it's not like it's part of the deal, this part is for real
I'ma hold faith and keep God as my shield
I'ma hold faith and keep God as my shield
I'ma hold faith
[Verse Two]
Yeah that Twin Tower shit must've shook your block
If you was west coast it shook your block
Took firefighters and cops, young dreams brought to a stop
Had a war brought right to our docks
The great American melting pot
It's New York, you forgot?
Ground Zero, home to thousands of heroes
And heroines
Both women and men
As I watch Channel 10 they still bringing them in
Yet we still sending men to war
Many died for their country
Other's lose a limb come home and go hungry
On the street there's eight million stories to weep
Eight million reasons I can't sleep[Hook] {x2}[Verse Three]
NASCAR lost Earnhardt, number three
But we lost three letters, B.I.G
And P.A.C
They were shot, I was shocked
Just like when BDP lost Scott LaRock
Speaking of Big, peace out to L and Pun
Both lyrically gifted but chosen ones
To my man Freaky Tah who made us party
From the hoods east coast, west coast and everybody
Now a days everybody be packing the heat
What's strange is it can happen to me
That's why I'm rapping for peace
A piece of mind, piece of time in the spotlight
Aaliyah had hers but it was lost in a short flight
Artist with a short life, worst case scenario
Left Eye, Jam Master Jay still in the videos
Young and beautiful, I guess that's the way
But you never know so be thankful for every day

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