Yes, I've always wanted one of these
FINALLY! [Verse: Soyguy]
My 5th Grade Teacher won't stop touching me
And its weird cause at this point I'm like 23
I stay working for my nut like a honeybee. (YOU DO!)
If they need me where they want me then I'm gonna be..
Up to fuckin somethin
Like, nuttin' in my cousin
Whose butt just taste like muffins
And I couldn't get enough of it
Steady make assumptions
'Bout the way she shake her stomach
When she's wearing next to nothin
Got me feeling kind of funny man!DAMN, ITS LIKE MY STUMMY MADE OF MONEY YEAH!
DAMN, THATS WHY THESE HONEYS GET UP ON ME YEAH!Got my white slavеs always fuckin asking shit
When they speaking yеah you know I always fucking crack the whip
These niggas foolish asking me, "Hey just relax a bit!"
These niggas shitting me, cause I passed they ass the laxatives!
I drive a jeep that's neat when I'm fucking someone's niece, and she's screaming with her goddamn knees up
I use to cream my sheets when I was fucking thirteen watching RiRi sing in a bathtub
Just thinkin of these dreams I had in the back of class make me wanna act up
Like killing some teens wit a gat, why I think like that, really need a dad bruh-[Outro]
Mmm, give it to me with that fucked up psyche
This penis therapy, an hour long and "overpricey"
They crave my balls and shaft because this shit is so enticing
They day I'm done is when Rashida tell me that she like me!

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