(DeeMarc got that heat, ho)
Uh, real street nigga, I'm a dope runner
Yeah [Verse]
Yeah, we gon' spin the block every summer night
On the phone with the plug gettin' the numbers right
This AR-15 came from Pakistan
My young niggas, they gon' shoot like Afghanistan
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's the whole city, uh
Trap serve hundred, that's a whole fifty
I call them young niggas up, I know they gon' slide
Two-fifty for just two, nigga, that's a whole five
Uh, Bentley GT with the new Pirelli tires
Eatin' curly fries and steak, it's just mе and my guys
I poured that Wockhardt at the VIP, they lookin' at mе like, "Why?"
Had to get away from snake niggas, they was pie
I was smokin' Cookie zaza like How High
Opp nigga duck, this a drive-by
Knock an opp down, we like high-five
Whip a chicken up just like Popeyes
Pop a Perc-30, now this nigga got the big eyes
Bust it out the wrapper in the back and came six-five
Blitzin' with that Draco, gotta get mines
Diors, get 'em spit shined
Mmm, mmm, mmm, y'all niggas ain't gettin' no money
Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh
Y'all niggas ain't gettin' no money
In the trap with them 'bows, this Draco hold a whole hundred
Get that load gone, young nigga, act like you know somethin'
Call every plug in the world, I don't owe nothin'
Nigga, I don't want nothin' fronted
Sixteen with a whole M
Broke the rim, jumpin' out the gym, young nigga goin' in
Hit your homie up, you diss, nigga, we gon' spin again
Walk inside the mall, watch me ball, drop a light ten
The brick came lightskinned
Purple zaza pack look like Vikings
Rose golds pointer on my Rollie look like lightning
Man, my watches, they be beefin', they be lookin' like they fightin'
Nigga, we can hit like the Tennessee Titans
Niggas, they know—
Niggas, niggas, they know I might spin
Nigga, we blitzin' off the top, nigga, I'm goin' in
And every time I see an opp, I gotta get at him
First day out the LA County Jail, I was tryna hit at him

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