(TECHNOLOGY, wake your ass up)
And you know I came from the bottom, me and my niggas, you know? Ayy, ayy, just the other day
Made a 100k, ayy
The pinky ring came, it was roller skate
VVS diamonds, ain't no Plain Jane
I was jumping on the stage
Counting up the backend with like 100k
After that you know I'm headed to the private plane
Bust down everything in Cartier with Johnny Dang (Ooh)
Girl, get in this bed, I'm tryna beat you out the frame
I been in the trap hustlin' all my life, I can't complain
And if I hit you with this stick, you ain't gon' feel a fucking thing
And I'ma blitz straight off the rip, a nigga reaching for my chain
I know you used to fucking with these broke niggas, they so lame
Pick you up and hit the jеweler store and wеnt and buss down everything
In Icebox I drop the top on Lambo
I walk inside to Cartier, I need the buffs, I need the low
VVS' is Cartier, but got it, diamonds came

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