Wave goodbye lyrics

Here my..., still hear my heart beat with my eyes closed
My toes dug into sand that gently touches water Set adrift, drift, drift away
My eyes closed
I hear it sound, drawing me
Trying to guide me in
I´ll be gone before the morning come[Verse]
Do I lean forward?
Will I lean back?
I´ve always been told forward
They say it´s just a bump in the track
Do I lean forward?This is my wave
I´ve run this ship aground, I´ve run this ship aground
Now it´s time, time to hit the sea, my loveWho is gonna tell my... who is gonna tell my widow?
And what to tell the kid? what to tell my kid?
Sun keep rising
(I´ve run this ship aground)
Sun keep rising
(I´ve run this ship aground)
Son keep risingMorning come
(waited for the end didn´t for a get-go)
I´ve run this ship aground
I´ve run and now I´m home
Sonic Front – Wave goodbye

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