I left my heart in LA lyrics

Oh Oh Oh
Ohhouu I've got
I've gotta get away
I'll close my eyes and find another way
I'm on the way
I'm on my way
I left my heart back in LA
I left without a word to say
In Pasadena, pouring rain
And the sky looked bluish grey
I knew I missed you right away
Right away
I left my heart back in LA
I don't wanna move backwards
I should be happy since I'm gone
I can see it in my eyes
I'm worse off than before what's wrong with me
I'll find another way
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeahHad my love but you forgot
How to love a Goddess I'll
Always find another way
Packed my stuff I walked away and left
Movin on what's nеxt
Dallas where you at
Houston wherе you atI left my heart back in la
I get it
I get it
You had a brilliant bitch and didn't know it
If you loved me I would never know it
Say you do but never seem to show it
I had to get away from it all
But I miss it still
But I miss you still
Sohiala – I left my heart in LA

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