My cookies all blue
My bitch skirt blue
My OG's wear blue
They don't fuck witchu My balls ain't blue
But she blew my dick I
Bust in her bitch thigh
Give her bulls eyeMy Glock laser blue
I don't listen to blues
If you don't gotta clue
Get a clue blues cluesIn the air I blew
In the whip all blue
Sometimes I wear red
Sometimes I wear blueOo yea I get stacks like blue bills
New chips come in new mail that's thе blue mail
New bitch link Bluetooth with thе new nails
She smoke Blu it's a vape with a smooth railYou smoke kale nigga I smoke blue ale
Her booty hurt cuz all that lube failed
Stick my hand in her butt
Call it thumbnail
Sucking on dick
Since I was 2 years old
I was so deep in poop
That it covered my holesMy dad said I was thick
So I gave him my bone
Larry wanted it my cream
So I gave him a coneUh you get the bag and then fumble it
I get the bag then I fuck and I cum in it
Softwilly hard and he be on mumbling
Into my ear with my dick he be strugglingIsaac is asking me why when I'm fucking him
Broke on his heart nice guy I be sucking him
My dick a halibut fish void munching it
He think he logic but he is a puffer fishI'm Eminem
You remember him
Void in a void
When the clips keep tearing inFeeling like Sli Sli Sli Slim Shady
I fuck on his bitch cuz you know that we sharing it
I be aw lalalalala
Larry a bitch and he keep on hearing that
My vision
Too God damn clear
Like glasses
Satori Zoom keep on wearing thatIsaac a wussy
Like Gary he pussy
Yummy and Yumi
They smell like bodussyAV his beats are all trash they are tushy
There's semen on Pokimane's hair it is mushy
I feel a little bit
I feel a little bit SpazYea shoutout that nigga
Darkside at the parkside
Yeah I'm feeling
So God damn high

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