[Dojac, Snow Queen]
Yo Snow Queen, make some fucking noise!
It's the remix
Dojac! [Snow Queen]
You're so steep and i climb up you again
I won't sing, if that all you can think
You are my sis, maybe i keep you in my mind
I might just be so blind, i hear you as the wind goes by[Snow Queen]
I won't sing, i won't drown in my feelings for you
I got these things, i changed skins like a snake
Unlike you i wasn't fake
All the sins we're so thin, wanted twins but your grins
I won't sing, i won't drown in my feelings for you
I will give you another spin, you want a chance?
I'll give you one last dance
I glance back at the past, this is definitely the last
Let's keep this going fast[Snow Queen]
Let's have one last blast
Recast the scene, i'll makе you scream
You hurt me but i am obsessеd
I'll put this to rest, you are no longer in this nest
You put the best in your past, now i am at the west
You're failing your test, i'm a star
I just left. i was stressed, your love wasn't worth
I won't sing, i won't drown in my feeling for you
I won't sing[Snow Queen]
I don't drown on my feelings for you
I thought i knew you, i guess i did not[Dojac]
I was a sucker for you
Snow Queen and Dojac's ice is legally blue
I can't be seen with a loser it's not cool
Boy thought he had me, but that's just not true
Now i got ice on my neck
Handmade by Elsa
Diamond like foam, it's uncontrollable
I talk when i want, guess i'm just sociable
Making blizzard with wizards, magic eye spell
We flying you're dying, i'll throw you down a fucking well
Take that mask off at ain't halloween
Wait that's just your face, ugly ice cream
And the virus better get the vaccine
I'm an icy princess and my girl the fucking Snow Queen[Snow Queen]
All the mainly acts were so uncalled for
He went with that guy was also uncalled for
I was obsessed until i blew up
Now you are obsessed that's what happens when your career start
I am going smart, you aren't in my lane
I put you out my way, now i am a rising star[Snow Queen]
It's like you're in mars but when i see your DMS
I get mixed feelings
I want you back, but you hurt me worse
You are just interested man
Want it from my purse
I won't sing and i won't drown on my feelings for you
I won't sing, i won't drown in my feelings for you[Snow Queen]
Snow Queen on the track!

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