Prod. By Kundai Mark Smitty goin in on K Dots beat
I don't give a crap bout what these haters tryna be
Come in my zone imma show you what its like
I don't give a dang if you tryna be nice
Ima come in the booth and go in on your self so hard your gonna need a pack of ice
Like ski mask hit the booth
What you tryna do
Ima kill this beat so hard these rappers won't know what to do
I eat em like food
Then I flex on em like ooouuu
Ill pump it in your gut like oouu
Pump a double barrel shotgun blast cuz I ain't playin round wit you
My man need some ganja where its at
Rhymes coming out the barrel like a gat
Homie relax
I don't mess around with guns cuz I ain't tryna end up on my back
In a grave
Were on an ultra light wave
Shout out the last lyric to Kanye
I don't give a crap what yall be sayin
Cuz despite what you think I'm not really lame
Cannot take it slow now
What you know now
I'm rappin like I'm really grown now
Mess around with me ima punch you in your throat now
What you doin now
Rappin so dang fast its like a freakin Aaron Rodgers throw now
You a hoe now
Your body count is continuing to grow now
How I know now
Issa well known fact now
You should grow in your walk with the lord now
I got a minute left? ok fine
Imma give yall a preview of what its gonna be like this time
Bunch of remixes some bangers and even a vibe
Everything gon' be alright
To kick it off let us start with the remixes
One is emotional ones full of disses
The rest of the songs are either emotional or they go hard
Lets get on with it

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