[Verse 1: Mikey Factz]
Look who it is
It's your favorite, made 'em sick
When my commercial was on cable kid
I'm in Y3, suits ain't shiny
I'm getting bread so these tips ain't tiny
I see yall haters want to tee off, keep off
Me and Steve-O playing b-ball and I be balls
He still in them Clarks like Keyon? peon
Threesome with Traya & Eyon, I'm Deion
Sanders, brandish, bleed on the canvas
Speed off with a bad chick who keep calling me "Mikey"
Baby, you never met nobody like me
You let your sub-conscience project you as wifey
Incepted her. dinner at Le Marais
High power meeting 19th century Chardonnay
My shit smell good, I'm Pepé Le Pew
It ain't my fault I'm better than you
Well, what could you do? [Hook: Smoke DZA]
It ain't my fault (x3)[Verse 2: Smoke DZA]
Roll out the red carpet
The boy DZA been nice since niggas was gettin sent up to [?]
George Kush in office Raw shit, if this was '98 I would've been signed to Rawkus
Master wordsmith at your service
Nice niggas knight me, I make these niggas nervous
Inception is a mind thing
Them niggas hiding under sheets, dead scared to go to sleep
New father MC flow ferocious
Like the new grand Puba with this polo shit
Rugby for no reason Since '06 I copped every season
That's all I be's in
When I put it together I R-I-P them
You patching up everything and you cheating
I'm all in, already made my choice
It ain't what's on you, it's what in you
It ain't my fault

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