[Verse 1: Smoke DZA]
The game is on orange, nigga
I said it's time to stop playin' with these little bitches like Lawrence
Tailored, Lauren down to the bottom garments
Puffing on chronic, bout to push the button, who want it?
I may be cool but them niggas over there orny
Don't be a fool and get your little entourage cornin'
I'm the Sardo Numpsay of 2k
Closed caskets, slow songs and bouquets
Headband L's, cool J's
Hall of Fame mode-in', 2kin'
I may be laughing at y'all niggas but who's playing?
Not I, said the pothead guy
You got me fucked up, they hated on me now they give me Becky
Brought the loud to Hollygrove for my nigga Nesbie
911, boy you know where to catch me
Shit is about to get messy
Right [Interlude: Smoke DZA]
You got to pay for this game
Not even a freestyle is free[Hook]
Welcome to the greenhouse[George Bush soundbite]
That is valuable information for those of us... who have the responsibility to protect the American people. He told us that the operatives have been instructed to insure that the explosives went off
(Welcome to the greenhouse)
A point that was high enough to prevent the people trapped from above to escape. I'ma describe the design of plan attacks on buildings in the US...[Verse 2]
This game here's for pros [?] God giving though
Plus I hawk niggas with this Anarchtica flow
What a cold piece of work I am
3 Series riding from the dirty rotten
I'm a black apple, boy
Harlem World, nigga, I came from the court, of course I'm hot
I'm from the Mecca of fly shit
So how could I not be on my shit? Right
Fly as fuck even when it's raining out
Most classic fit even before they came about
Polo posers, see the real low heads
When the summer is over, talk to me
Better spend your money cautiously
Cos this rugby shit put that big horse to sleep
Hahahaha, the doobie's getting lit
Special edition flow, George Kush in this bitch, I'm faded[Hook]
Welcome to the Greenhouse

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