I’m tryna go back in the time
I’m tryna remember these rhymes
I’m tryna get better by 19
Never knew death to be frightening
Now, I’m thinking bout shit a little bit different
I seal a fate with these pictures
I hold a spot with these lyrics
I just wanna go make a difference
I don’t want holes in the system
There was holes all in my cousin
Wish the powers would listen
I never givе no permission
No, Fuck?
I never givе no permission
Need to go reform them prisons
Need to go abolish them police
Cannot build off a boke system
You Cannot build off a boke system
Cracks all in my foundation fuck
Cracks all in my foundations
I’m tryna brush up on my image
I’m tryna work out all my problems
I’m tryna sort out my opinions
I’m just a on a mission
I’m just a on a mission
Bro how you feeling
How do u say it
You know them niggas ain’t real
You is the fakest a counterfeit bill
Still a young bull
I’m still a young bull
You know I aim to kill yeah
I’ll be the best in like everything ugh
Tape on the lock I just be teasing for thrill
Woah Woah
I’m just a troll about everything hunh?
Woah Woah Woah
Don’t think I’ll ever do wedding ring Nah Nah Nah
Free all the family need better things ah ah ah
Free all the family need better things ah yeah woah Yeah
We going up I’m moving faster than tesla
I’ll do a punch I don’t wrestle
We want arrests
We do not settle
Intern CX, make the world better
Smba, on checks
I’m an investment
Niggas ain’t stressed
How bout some pressure
She make me giggle, feel like a jester
Movin in silence, i’m feeling like Dexter
If this a game
Then I got plays on me
Eclectic as a chamaeleon
I got range on me
I be feeling like a treasure with this brain on me
They told me change was coming let it rain on me
Let it rainWake up, Work, Sleep, Wake up shit
Migraine, I should probably take something, shit
EP2 Anticipation, fuck
Break up
Text message break up I said I

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