(I really like to use cash)
Gang, hold up
Slime, Slime
Welcome to my world, baby, you know [Verse: Slime Dollaz]
[?]like his name is sonic [?] make me vomit
Them hoes ain't getting no cheddar (Slatt)
They hating on you and they hating on me, and you
Know that I really want a weapon. (Slatt)
My momma said she prayin' for me cause I'm
Really a fool
First thing about lil put 'em on the news. (Pew)
Hop in that ooh they waiting for you, cause you been doing too much
Ain't got time for no mothafuckin' game, cause know you'll get your ass pumped. (Pew)
My brother said, "Boy you better quit trying mothafuckin' hurt her" (And what)
I ain't putting no hand on her, I'm using that burner. (Slatt)
That's how you get [?] low, and you know I love hitting you with a low blow
And you know me, I don't even care
First thing about it boy, I'm so rare. (Huh)
[?] you can't lie, bae had my damn heart. (Slatt)
I shoot that K with no mothafuckin feelings
I'm on the paint like my name was Dennis mothafuckin' Rodman. (Slatt)
I died my hair I'm a mothafuckin' slime, baby, I look like Green Goblin. (Slatt)
Nigga said he want smoke, I want them problems. (Huh)
On a cutthroat team, run around with a revolver. (Pew)
That nigga hit you in the throat, that nigga letting you know
My niggas really shoot poles, my niggas really got choppas, but like Japanese hit your ass with the O
That bitch stay on her knees, she wanna fuck on my team, baby lets shoot the shit team, ya dig. (Slatt)

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