If you’re anything like me
You’ve had a ton of free time
Over the last year and a half
And one way that I used that was
Self reflection
As boring as it was it definitely came with it’s benefits
Let me tell ya
Now I don’t got much to say but
I’ll say what I got Verse 1:
Spent time thinking about myself
This pen’s about to yell
Hear that?
I think it’s a shout for help
It better shroud itself
Cause my minds a world of its own
That’s why you heard it’s alone
An undiscovered planet so when it’s shook
It’s hurt to the core
Repairs needed cause I’m under attack
Where’s healing cause I need some of that
Barely made it, I need to relax
Rarely have a fair reason in fact
Make small adjustments
Here and there with awesome judgement
Spark and flair in large abundance
Hard to care I lost reluctance
Clear minded, and near sighted
Look around I’m reminded
Of both that and sheer brightness
Of the future and who designed it
Throw fits fierce fighter
Take credit I’m being cited
Don’t fake life to appear brightened
But run hard you’re green lighting’
For me it’s reality how
These things are happening now
I thought it had to be out
But the things I hate are out of me now
Believe in the best of yourself if not
You’re keeping your happiness down
You have the capacity to change
Your character lose bad habits and laugh at these clowns
Going crazy and berserk
On anybody with the guts to come and drag me in the dirt
Now i don’t got a lot of luck but what’s amazing is the turn
Of tables when i put my all into the way that things’ll work
Glad I thought about myself
Really paid off

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