Sometimes people just
Never seem to understand
Certain things
And they push a certain button that
Just should never be pushed Verse 1:
One moment I’m your friend
The next moment I devise your end
I’m as volatile as can be and I think
I’m on the brink man the line is thin
As I begin to spit the climate tends
To shift a bit, I might come in
Just ending it, man I’ll write the end
Spit flaming bars with this fire pen
I’m killing it, think I died again
Like a shirt, sometimes my dialect
Is splitting people at the seams on either end
But you can’t reach me as I ascend
To levels higher than I have been
Making gains like game’s a gymnasium
Almost feels like a skull tied to leg
Cause of the way that I stride ahead
They call me Pfizer, you’ll get a double dose
Hit you over the head and wall with a bat
Looks like COVID is coming home
Knock me down, just know that I’ll strike back like a pitcher when the count is 1 and 0
I’m a star, you wouldn’t shine even if you played the sun in a 1st grade puppet showChorus:
D-O-N-T-P-I-C-K-O-N Me
D-O-N-T-P-I-C-K-O-N Me
D-O-N-T-P-I-C-K-O-N MeVerse 2:
You say you got a legendary grind
But you never spend the energy
To stand up for yourself or anything
It’s about time you get up from your seat
You say you eat up every challenge
They drive you crazy but you’re balanced
Only time you face a fork in the road
Is when you leave utensils in the streets
I go Hannibal Lecter on the beat
Tracks don’t survive when I get a hold of them
Like a phone, they call for help but
I ring the bell bringing defeat
You can suppress all of your problems
But I will never understand you
Cause I will swell under your feet
That’s why I’m better known as yeast
I’m kinda like a metamorphic rock
Put me under pressure and I change
And now I’m headed for the top
Setting records on the way
I never said I’m going to stop
Gear up, like i’m set up for a race
First place I get it hold the spot

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