[Intro: Leonard Nimoy]
From far beyond the galaxies I have journeyed to this place
To study the behavior of the human race
And I find them highly illogical [Verse 1: Martymar]
This girl looking at me like a lost it
Screaming at me in the phone lately
I told her we should just abort it
I'm too young to have a baby
It's crazy feelin' like everybody just hates me
God gave up on me a long time maybe
I'm growing darker blood test make it harder
Not the man I used to before your legs parted
I'm heartless hypocrite with a couple of faces
We'll keep it hush from our whole congregation
Maybe you forgot I'm on 300 different stations
I say I love God, I still trample on His graces, Illogical![Hook: Leonard Nimoy]
Highly Illogical (x4)[Verse 2: F.E.R.N.]
(Skrip I got you, Ayo Skrip I got you, Fernie, Social)
Peep game youngin' own the game own the fame you gone keep thuggin' (I get it)
So the prospect of dying early and you accomplishin' nothin'
Is promisin' so this is where you headed (oh I get it)
You don't know better never been a go getter
Couldn't be a drug pedder (uh)
You in them streets just runnin' wild
All the while He can free you if you just allow
Fernie, It's me the grace poster child
His blood paid for my soul and I'm boastin' loud
That's what I'm talkin' bout
Last days God saves what I'll die yellin'
Me and my brethren raptured in the sky Heaven
They don't believe us they don't gotta though
It's free will see here I know that I'mma go
And I'm on Skrip's track so that y'all could know
And so y'all could go too when the Father comes! (woo)
[Hook][Verse 3: Alex Medina]
One plus one cats just wanna add to it
But truth belong to God so they're stuck like bad sewage
Bad fluid, must running through it
When he say stay, she dash, she acting clueless
Acting foolish, all insane
He probably stuck on Cypress Hill
'Cuz somethings really off in his membrane
Check the way he exchange the truth for a lie
Without thinkin' about the end game
So he's inconsistent 'cuz he's been conditioned
From the beginnin' thinking God was decommissioned
I'm recommitting to teaching truth to the fools
Here thee here thee everybody listen
All reason is God's reasons and you ain't changin' seasons
When you try to make it rain you commit treason
The lunatics have taken over the asylum
Everyone's a truth to themselves they all wildin'
Mama said hand to the stove and It'll burn you
I see you your fingerprints on everything that will toast you
You can't say you can't say I ain't warn you
I had the same knowledge homie I was born too
Then I was born new let's go!
[Hook][Leonard Nimoy transition]
Take the case of modern man
He works all his life, gives it all he can
Saves all his money, works overtime
Pinches every penny, banks every dime
All he can think about is money
But you know he can't take it with him where he's going to go
How I find that fascinatingly Illogical[Verse 4: Skrip]
Money, guap, cake, dollars
Moolah, cha ching, cheetah fur in the impala
Car collection, model obsession
Smooth connection, stacks on deck, the prized possession
Favorite color green, hot shot Charlie Sheen
While everything else in life is hardly seen
Always in a rush, slow down take a coffee break
Get into the meat, no milk call it the coffee mate
Bumpin' that Greenday, getting that cheese In Green Bay
Holding on the money the mean way
Wallets in all pockets you call it the handy loot
Tryin' to save cash you bout to crash like bandicoot
You cross yourself when you passin' a building
Money's your God doesn't matter what you feel
Dollar sign life will get you outta control
There's really no profit if in the end you'll be losing your soul! (uh)

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