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Intro: Ski Mask the Slump God & Young Scooter
(Slice ain't even got no license for that fire)
Ayy, baby
Ayy, baby, hit my line, hit my line
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven (ATL Jacob)
You know I got all kinds of services, all kinds of services
If you under four feet, three feet
You a elf, huh

Verse: Ski Mask the Slump God
I'm like, "Bitch, who is your mans?" Huh (Yuh)
Can't keep my bands in my pants, huh
My bitch don't love me no more, huh
Don't give a fuck, hit my dance, huh
We movin' sharp like a, huh, sharp like a muh'fuckin' lance, huh
Living down on Drury Lane
Muffin Man, bitch, I got dough on my hands
I get money, can tell from the stance
'Cause I do what I can, what they can't
Stayin' blessed, ain't no need to repent
'Cause I'm keepin' the metal like cans
They need glasses to see, Clark Kent
They gon' pass it to me, far-fetched
Gettin' cake like it's my Bar Mitz
And I used to sell the stank, armpits
Shit can change, can tell by the garments
I just be drippin', resemble the garbage
Drip, I decorate, bitch, I'm a garnish
I know my name is what they wanna tarnish (Huh, huh, huh)
Scientist, I discovered the Abyss
I've been a soldier, I ain't need ever enlist
Out this bitch like a dislocated wrist
Fresh air, I'ma gulp from a Brisk
What you say? Fuck you mean?
Whips got beer bellies like it's been drinkin' motherfucking lean
All my boys is beast like I got Teen Titans on the team
We tote heavy sticks, all my young drums make you shoulder lean, yuh
Okay, what you say? You can get cracked like ?, yeah
Wonder if I'm really an alien, ?
Wonder if I'm really a villain, say maybe, yeah
They see me as a threat, a challenge like cinnamon
Blocks like Minecraft, b****, I'm an Enderman

Verse: Ski Mask the Slump God
Look at the wrist, I be givin' them the mist
Like a cyst, money stiff like a fist (What did you say, nigga?)
Get money, I will help you get the ?(Bitch ass nigga)
Who do you think you are? Who is asking me this? (What did you say, nigga? Yuh)
Mind this nigga?
You know what we do on Sundays, my nigga
(What did you say, nigga?)
Smoke opps, smoke opps, smoke opps (Huh, huh)
Smoke opps, smoke opps, smoke opps (Huh, huh)
Hot potato, tater tot
We gon' turn the clock
All I like to do, all I really do is
Smoke opps, smoke opps, smoke opps
On Sundays, I like to smoke opps

Verse: Future
Can't forget them days a n**** wake up in the trap (Trap)
Every time, free my dawg, put me on them ?(Free my dawg)
Sippin' on that err with that grrt on my lap
ATL Jacob, he a f***in' millionaire (What?)...

Ski Mask the Slump God – Smoke Opps (Look At Me!, Pt. 2)*

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