[Intro: $ki Mask The Slump God & Trap-A-Holics]
Ayy, VR (Trap-A-Holics)
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy (Real trap shit) [Verse 1]
She can't hit my dope (She, she)
So I told that little bitch to smoke my dick, yuh (Oh, whoa)
00-7 my scope (Yuh)
Sub-Zero, Mortal Kombat, my wrist, yuh (Bitch, ow)
Call a nigga lil' Quick-Scope
Like this Nuketown, get a nigga hit quick, pew (Quick)
Dirty my soda like Sosa
Not to mention, might put a tat on my dick (My dick)[Bridge]
Moms kicked me out, in the trap now (Wet, ayy)
Keep them drugs on me, like I'm Pacquiao (Ayy)
Fresh, no Maybelline, I might cut ya' lean (Wet, yuh)
Stain up on my 'Preme
Don't like my money green, bitch (Wet, oh, ayy)[Verse 2]
I am an Actavis sipper
Hit me a stain and my name was a Swiffer, umm (Yuh)
Shinin' like I'm the Big Dipper
Black and white diamonds, they wet, they like skippa, umm (What?)
Can never switch up on one of my niggas (Wet)
All my nigga ballin', no Spalding but like the Clippers, hmm (Wet)
Young nigga trappin' just like I'm Benny (Hey)
That's why she gon' give me the heads and tails (Ooh)
Like a penny, ayy (Yuh)

Ayy, she ride on my dick like a pogo, ayy (Ayy)
How is that pussy? It's so-so, ayy (Ayy)
Diamonds be dancin' like go-go, ayy (Go-go)
She wanna fuck and I know so, ayy (Know so)
Chain on me cold like Four Loko (Loko, yuh)
Next face tat gon' be my logo, ayy (Logo, yuh)
Pull off, I'm high off that jet pack, ayy (Whoa)
Don't like to talk like my phone's tapped (Ayy, whoa)[Outro]
Oh, whoa (Wuddup)
Whoa, whoa (Flex, haha)
Whoa, whoa (Wet)
Whoa, whoa (Flex)
Whoa (Whoa)
Look at that bitch and I, "Whoa, whoa" (Pew, pew, what?)
She look at my dick and she, "Whoa, whoa" (Pew)
I pull out my wallet and, "Whoa, whoa" (Pew, pew)
They just heard about me and, "Whoa" (Wet, flex)
Whoa, whoa (Wet), whoa (Flex), whoa (Wet)
Whoa (Flex), whoa (Yuh), whoa (Yuh, yuh)
Whoa, look at that bitch and I, "Whoa, whoa"
She look at my dick and she, "Whoa, whoa" (Look at it, look at it)
I pull out my wallet and, "Whoa, whoa"
They just heard about me and, "Whoa"

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