Crescendo lyrics

[The Notorious B.I.G sample]
It was all a dream
It was all
It was all a dream
Hangin' pictures on my wall
Hangin- Hangin' pictures on my wall
You never thought that Hip-Hop
Would take it this far [Verse 1]I'm bout to sneak and roll up
Prescription in locker
You know my niggas
Pour up
I got my reefer right
That mean my money gone
We move on CP
What typa time is yall on?
Put my faith in a song
Hoping the shit'll pay
Dreaming the dreamers dream
Hoping to get a getaway
Houstonfornicate, in the middle of the J
Ain't no need to waste the tape
If you peep what I'm tryna say
This here is for my reefer reachers
Screaming "Fuck you, Mr Teacher"
Back when Sydney Jones was the reason
We'd ether features
Cyphers wasn't complete
Without Adidas
Now niggas who were posted
On the top of the Totem
Is rapping cool
They just tryna be us
Them shark bitters
But not like us
Them instagram heroes
Turned overnight writers
Every letter that I wrote
And them hoes ain't write back
Gaurenteed that when I blow
That them bitches gon' be throwing that
Acting like I ain't been spitting like that
[The Notorious B.I.G sample][Verse 2]Tryna get Crescendo
By the power of pencil
So I can cop a Benzo
Respect me by the synonyms
I place on this tempo
Right now my fucking ends low
I'm working with some indo
Uh, study my narrative
Pick apart my prerogative
Catch any rand I throw in the sand
And go deposit it
Tryna ball out control
What's the future yielded from scholarships?
Marijuana licks
Peep the sample that I'm rhyming with
Pardon my new black flow
And these new black soles
And the nap in my frow
And flow I kick for these hoes
And cool colds, allow me to impose
My method to the madness
And calculation of code
We selling Odes on the low
Pushin truth to the youth
She had me thinking perverted
So I asked "what it do?"
It was 11:52
From the shaded blue days
Just a nigga with a pen
She was a wait, I gotta paraphrase
[The Notorious B.I.G sample][Outro]
Skabzemortal – Crescendo

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