Since I knew you
All I've been doing is falling for you
It was never incidental that I called u my boo
It's getting stronger with every moment we going Through
And this shit made me wishing we stick together like 3M glue
Cuz what's better than one crazy motherfucker "haha two"
And it's always like "fuck you baby I love you too"
We fit so well when's time to be in each other's shoe
-and whatever scenery we're looking at
We got the same view... Gloomy weather then u came & make my skies blue
Lonely days then u came and take my heart with to you
Dullest vibes then u came and make it brand new
And u make me wanna steal u like a precious fucking lootI knew I loved you from day one
Feeling been hitting different cuz ur a one
Of a kind... baby ur a piece of mind
You smart and hella fine, you are a golden dime, goddamn u shineRarity could be ur second name
Having u is hella better than fortune & fame
Keeping u is like dousing all them bad flames
And that's an Exclaim..." baby that's an exclaim"
Cuz since I knew you I know everything won't be the same
Not like the past ones nothing would be fucking lame
Not the past ones when u full of beans then u get ashamed
When u do too good and getting blamed
When ur being loyal and getting playedBut fuck the past baby ur the present now
Matter fact ur my present now
So imma set my Hands To The Plow
For I can keep you as my presents for the future
To whom I would vowDo I love you more than life itself? maybe
Why wouldn't I and ur are a diamond on the shelf baby
Why wouldn't I and ur godly divine Innately
U seem like a faith i"ve been preaching latelyI guess u have the perfect pattern on ur constellation
We are like Double Asteroid in our combination
The sun was burning but u came as the occultation
Changing the basics of my Orbital inclinationWhat else I can define you by, but the universe
Describing you won't be adequate with a million verse
U are the perfect human being shit I would rehearse
I wish I die before the day I'm following your HearseI feel like Gravity pulling me to your soul
Trust me losing you would be darker than a black hole
And tell me why I need this heart for... cause without you I'll be just a Sole
So that's why I won't take u for granted
Imma take u as a wholeSince I knew you
Every wrong have been turning to the right
Can't take you off my sight baby ur diamond shining bright
How can I do that when-i-see-your-smile on every night
Out of the darkest skies... Yeah, you are the only light
You had a smile that the starts are trying to copy
I keep staring at them just to be as sadly happy
Cause you reflect all the beauty of the cosmos
Out of galaxy starts you're the one I want most
But it's too sad you are far away... That shit that made me blazing
I guess i can only be with you when I'll be stargazing


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