[I just be trappin' with Mars?]
Smokin' gas and [?]
Uh, wait [Chorus]
Woah, go (Gah-gah)
Designer on my toe (Gah, gah-gah)
We go and do the most
Watch me switch up on you slow (Brrt, back off that bat)
Woah, woah, I'm trappin' at the top (I'm trappin')
I jack up on that pussy, make it go, make it go (Ha-ha, ha-ha)
Go, go (Go, go)
Designer on my toe (Go, go)
We go and do the most, yeah, I'm trappin', watch my flow (Woo)
Wait, woah, woah, I'm trappin', do the most (Woah)
She trappin', got no goals, [0:32?], wait, woah, woah, baow[Verse 1]
Shoot out the roof (Shoot out the roof)
Shoot out the roof

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