[Intro: EMCEE JTH & Simza Eazzy]
Yo yo yo yo
Y’all don’t know that
I been tryna legit escape y’alls
Coz there’s legit to many people
That legit know me
Give me a break Yeah
Let's Go![Verse 1: Simza Eazzy]
Escapism is Bliss
I cannot lie
Niggas went to high school
While I went to school high
First time I got high
I was swimming with the sharks
In the clouds
Fast forward to the better years
To the better days
Miss the rage and the girls
Not the romance just the babes (Ehy)
I'm into better thangs
Reefer still numb the pain
Love is a fantasy
Rathеr live in my brain
I smoke gas for my aura and my rage (Yеah)
Love is for the
Strong and the brave
Solo on they won't know this
'cause the heart don't make a noise when it breaks
The heart don't make a noise when it breaks
Straight up facts (Ehy)
Man I don't want no stress
About a blesser (Nah)
Or get another IG famous honey
'cause of pressure (Ehy)
It gets hard as a vibranium object
Relationships are now popularity contests
I quit the love shit
And just focused on the money
I'm fixated on the diamonds
Infatuated with shining
Checks always on me
I'm fascinated by Nikes
And these white girls wildin'
I know she gon' let me slid in
Mike Phelps
On that pussy I'm diving (Diving)
Escape to my universe
Gliding (Gliding)
Got the bitch on top
She riding (Riding)
Looking all icy (Yeah)[Break]
Ladies and Gentlemen
Now you're in the
"Sunken Place"
Yeah![Intro: Simza Eazzy]
Ehy[Verse 2: Simza Eazzy]
Man let's spit some fuckin bars (Bars!)
Excuse my French
I been eating lotta frys
Dropped "THE MOON MAN"
Lectured all these clowns
Ain't no joker but
My mugshot got a smile
Can't blame a nigga
Man I was high
They caught us blazing
In the fuckin car
I was tripping to
The Sunken Place
Just like Daniel
On the film "Get Out"
I went live just the other day
Some pussy nigga
Shitted on my name
Claiming he raps
Better than the Rager (Yahh)
Seems like everybody
Is a rapper now
I was born a Rager
Rapping just for fun
Now it's therapeutic
Rapping outta love
All 'em niggas doubting
Never brought me down (Ehy,ehy,ehy!)
16 bars for you clowns (Clowns)
If you sleeping then wake up (Wake up)
I'm levitating with no doubt (Doubt)
You can find me in the clouds (Clouds)
I'm still same kid
From the South and the East
Only thing changed
Is the way that I feast
I avoid fuckin basic chicks
They cannot handle me (They cannot)
They can't match up to my energy
I be fuckin without cuffin'
Oh pardon me (Pardon me)
Love is a fantasy
I'm into better thangs
E.g: My Hennessey
Barely jaded sipping Henny
Like medicine
That just reminded me
Jogging my memory
I quit the lean the day
I rode an ambulance
Still walk the Earth like a cat
With 9 lives, minus 7
Equals to the times I've survived (Yeah)
Still making music that's so dope
That the diamonds can't help
But just dance
They milli-rocking
All around my neck (Neck!)
Hit the woah
Until they melt (Melt!)
In a spaceship
With the clan (Clan!)
Moving static
Like a Tesla (Tesla!)
Your bitch
Always on my lap (Lap!)
She wrap around me
Like a necklace (Yeah)
Yo[Bridge: Simza Eazzy]
I'm on an Odyssey
With this chick
Blowin' on cannabis
For the trip
She tried to take a spliff
Of this tree
I had to stop
She bit on her lip
This a trip I have to take by myself
So I told her to get outta the ship
I'm not playing (Yeah)[Hook: Simza Eazzy]
Odyssey to the Rage
We been goin' for some days
(Speed off)
Energy on the edge
Sippin' Figi
Not the Drank
(Lean? Nah)
Can't stop a nigga
With a dream
Escapism is really Bliss
The Rager from the dark
Been feeling so trapped
In the Darkest Hours
Of the most Silent Night (Oh my God!)

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