[Verse 1]
These other artists could save your life
But I wanted to throw the perfect spiral
I’ll make my problems society’s
Going door to door for taxpayer vitamins
I love to hear them rattle on my ivories
It’s the belle of the ball at the coward’s cotillion
Swells of brilliant blue, wrote a doctrine full of missteps
I just need a few more pieces
I could still grow
There’s room in my head yet
Passion in the arc weld, the burner of the daylight
Sleeping in the car is really slackening the seatbelt
Beats and boots knocking
Surface pocked
I started a church at the hospital
We were sliding around in grippy socks
A menace to the nurses station and you can’t have that job
I started a church at the hospital, a menace to it and you can’t (ugh) [Hook]
The boy never look whole
He so cold
That’s all he know
He so cold
[Verse 2]
I just got out the nervous hospital
Mining for slit
Horse is licking the brick
That’s the vagueness of salt that she’s tasting
You must be a bird
I’m in the crisis suite removing the windows
Surgeons must be very careful
In the slough of the despond
Smoking that stepped on
I muddied the boot print
Secret rock in a dirt clod
Everybody’s clapping after songs like
I just walked off the field under my own power
And I don’t want my flowers
I want the Brinks truck backed up
Cause I’m craving some capital
To start a business

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