Silo lyrics

Nobody here needs a doctor
I had the hiccups a little while ago, but I got rid of ‘em
Oh sure I’ve been drinking, this is a drink
What did ya tell him mama? That I drink?
Yes, you drink
Just a sip [Verse 1]
I’m driving the point to its house
And the air outside makes our windmills yell
Arms looking like I was born in Ohio
Humanness couched in a bio
Matter of fact, it would kill me to smile
Her face like a jug mug, ass like a gun butt
Ankles Wrapped with the tarn muck[Bridge]
All days feel like a silo
Mukbang staining the modem
Like a Silo
And there’s still room to go lower[Verse 2]
A man without a mouth that’s whole
Dressing up Bones, my closet looks like a whore house
I used to think gooder when my lungs were all buttered
Sopping brain from the gutter
Hocking bulbs cause I wanna
And I don’t speak paste with the bathers
Good days feel like a silo
X4[Verse 3]
Good man sweating out days in the woodshed
In a cypher with a murder of Benny Goodmans
Free Death with every new dig
This scar is from a rude old boy
If you don’t have the urge to kill or die
You may as well stay inside
Walking around new, like I invented blue today
Stepping out my gourd’s eyes, camping out a resting place
My actions wreck display, so stop dogging me
Home is where you got the soiled carpets
Home is where you got grandpa’s .38 in the Red Wing box
I was always blowing coverage, so I’m doomed to drive jalopies
I was always blowing coverage, stop dogging me
Get your eyes out of the ground’s way
Nothing there but the shoes
Silk Animus – Silo

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