[Verse 1]
Boxed chatter
Throat hock matter
Leading little lives outside
All I hear is the cobble clatter
He wanna be helpful
He wanna breathe hope but it’s jokes
He was estranged from the notes
It’s a lively activity freeing my brain from the goop
Rotten sweat waft from the suit
Click into place
I hold seven different remotes a day
Shovel panning shit and skimming grain
Put the tree sap in your lungs
Be an audience, be a stagе
It doesn’t really the lights arе on timers to go off anyway
You know the crunch, the click, and the churn
I’m sick as a dog, she’s free as a bird
Fingernails swallowed before they ever collect the dirt
My parents always told me they were gonna die at work [Bridge]
Your son is very sick
And when he’s dancing on the edge
He never wants to hurt a single soul
When he’s dancing on the edge
Fell off the wagon, hit my noggin
Aw it happens
(I’m just being natural)
Of course I’m a glutton
Working in the name of passion but I wish I wasn’t
Fell off the wagon hit my noggin
Aw it happens[Verse 2]
I’m either riding waves or picking anchors
Working with clenched fists I’m choosing anger
Forget the lens forget the bends
Forget that you’re depressed
Don’t give your house the edge
There are no corners in my home
I live in a cave
I dread nights
Come back to horror
I keep replaying your words, they’re so morbid

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