SIDAK: Trapman Trapman Trapman
Man! you gotta go
A Snitch cannot sit with me, you call me a Homiie! i told you to don't
Trapman Trapman Trapman
I be keeping it low!
Kyuki kamm mere sare h puthey
I just cannot show it off
Trapman Trapman Trapman
Yaara! see me move
I'm stacking up, I'm making money
You're still in the school
Trapman Trapman Trapman
Yaara I gotta go!
Paahdu city on the map
But im keeping it slow
Trapman Trapman Trapman
Mai naio koiyo Rapper
Mai yaara hega businessman
I fucked your sister but i love your girlfriend
Trapman I'm a Trapman
All these underground rappers sounds so wack man
Flow inke same,BArs inke same
Internet te chaar gaane pakr kehte mil gya fame
YOUNG CHARSI: Trapman Trapman Trapman, bitch I'm bout' that action..
I feel like I'm Guwop with a brown complexion..
I just keep on flexin', got my haters stressin'
They don't know the shit I'm on, I leave them guessingI don't know know bout' you but I'm gonn' make it homie
I've been hustling hard, struggling, took no crutches homie..
Don't you run your mouth hoeass u don't really know me..
And you faking to fullest, damn its fuckin phonyAll you rappers keep on soundbiting..
Claim they poetic, but not writing..
Keep on complaining, they not rising
You rappers far from that hard grinding
Quit the game do yourself the biggest favour..
I'm the real trapman, every move I make is major

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