DROWN lyrics

[Verse 1]
Diamonds on my dick
Swervin' to the function on that gucci elephant
Hella paranoid
[?] with the 30 clip
She [?]
Black steez, black shades, my niggas rocking colors
No homo shit
[?] bitch
Arty hood chick
Snow white shit, snow white bitch, she's [?] sluts [Verse 2]
1017 [?]
1017 [?]
Bitch [?]
Catch a nigga chillin' on the couch
[?] house
White bitch drugged out
Hella bands no [?]
Golden in my mouth
Fuck riding the wave
Bitch roll up haze, pink lemonade [?] cup
Sickboyrari – DROWN

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