These niggas can't rap
They be running out of breath lil niggas
Wha wha ?
Gotta say that shit with your chest lil nigga
Better get that chest a vest
Or you may just get stretched lil nigga
They aim for the head
Hit your Chest up if you get blessed lil nigga This life's too real for these actors
Y'all probably didn't check the factors
When Shortiie's spitting it don't matter
I run up in this like raptors
These bitches keep moving backwards
Wtf she's a disaster
Why does she make up her face suh?
Girl just go get you some make upBitches be lurking Instagram searches
Tell me is worth it
These niggas be broken bitches be aiding
They must be nurses
Her body got fucked up where is her surgeon
She need one urgent
You might as well chargeback cause I don't think that you have got the right purchase
Bitches is sticky watch out
They get you caught in a jam
That girls a hoe if she fucked you then she'll go fuck your mans
That mans a fool if he cheated on you and you're bringin the bands
Everyone fam but are they gon ride to the end ?
I'm fed up of bitches talking
Like they be really popping
Girl you're just pussy popping
Cause you ain't got no options
Green light we ain't stopping
You look more like green goblin
Date a hitter that's a batman
So she think that she's robin
Came back too cocky
Cause I need a Maybach
Rocky ASAP
Show a nigga no love they turn haters
And they start to hate that
When you on the come up
They try to make you come down
So you keep keep gun round
And the Clip whole nine
If you got a drum
That shits gon shoot up nuff rounds
Bitches want in my videos
Silly hoes, didn't know
You gotta pay for a cameo
You Bitches making me sick
Travis Scott
I Got the Antidote
Dt eating waffles
With cantaloupes
If it ain't about cash
Then I gotta to go
Louds coming through
The envelope
She ain't a rider
She gon freeze up
If it's hots if it's fire
Bitches is liars
Get niggas locked
For the pimping
When they're the ones pimping
Police they don't care bout the difference
So they lie and they get
Niggas tied up
That's why we low key
We stay on that low keyShortiie raw Shortiie raw
Killing it killing it
These niggas is puppets
So i go straight for ventriloquists
Even the amputees feeling this
So bad they all want to feel on this
No doorknobs we don't get touched
By everybody Yall for everybody

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