Fab Five lyrics

[Intro: StanWill]
Yeah [Verse 1: StanWill]
Red tips, .762s, shoot a Taki at him
Good punch at Yoshi, satisfied by hibachi habit
Website surfing, tryna punch like I'm Bobby Lashley
Hundred round bop to his face, we gon' hockey mask him
Me and gang be cracking cards but unc' and them be rock slanging
Sauce I got be secret than a bitch, I be done squashed Plankton
Knock him down his ass and [?] from the [?] station
Caught him on that corner, gave him ninety like a right angle[Verse 2: TrDee]
She won't leave me 'lone 'cause I'm the catch and she know I'm up
Tryna slide this way? We gon' hit him like a hockey puck
How'd I get his mans but not him? He a lucky fuck
Yo people don't support none of yo music 'cause they know you suck
Computer thugs, you won't see me going back and forth
Could've went and bought yo bitch some hair but I bought a shirt
They ain't really see us going far, I know some niggas hurt
I'ma keep making niggas sick until I'm in the dirt[Verse 3: YSR Gramz]
Oh, you spent all yo money? Nigga, how that work?
I know a bitch with some ass, she don't know how to twerk
I'll put the whole world on you like I'm Lil Durk
My nigga really hot boy like he lil' Turk
I front that madman, told him he got to pay me on the first
How you out here killing niggas and you used to jerk?
This nigga off a Seroquel, he ain't off a Perc'
We'll take yo mans from you, put him on a shirt[Verse 4: KrispyLife Kidd]
FN on me, got photos, well hit me on the first
Fuck around, see a fiend and knock the words off his shirt
Fuck a nigga high school crush, I know that shit hurt
I got it on camera, I can show you how this bitch work
I'm booling, I'm with Gramz and I'm with the ShittyBoyz
Dawg talking 'bout his beef, well fuck it, I got a fifty ball
Treat the opp like a homeboy, fuck it, I got fifty for him
Suck the dick good enough, baby, I got fifty for you
I like yo son too, fuck it, I got some Jordans for him
Oh, yo pops drink lean? I got some more for him
Drop a [?] on a nigga block, I put the quarter on him
Like I'm tryna plug dawg with a cougar, I put .40 on him[Verse 5: BabyTron]
Saying sí to the Cuban plug, I guess I'm bilingual
Widebody Hellcat, lil' bitch, I drive evil
This a Hutch piece, boy, stop acting like our ice equal
Unky got that dog him, riding 'round with five beagles
High as hell off a eighth of something, I forgot the strain
Boy, you not no fucking player, sit there and watch the game
Dub poking through the Ksubi jeans, that's just pocket change
Monkey nuts on this lil' fucker, I ain't gotta aim[Verse 6: StanWill]
Surf and turf for dinner, this a hundred dollar pasta, gang
At the opps' home, sticked up like a Dodgers game
I be pape chasing, you be looking for a thot to save
Could pop him up, we gon' Triple S stomp his face[Verse 7: TrDee]
I don't fuck with dimes, only nines, I'm the one she need
Why would I be scared of yo ass? Nigga, don't you bleed?
Been peeped the couple mini-mes, they like my seed
Starting to think these niggas lactose, they ain't got no cheese[Verse 8: YSR Gramz]
I let this bitch stay the night and she don't want to leave
This nigga [?] mad at me 'cause I ain't got no weed
I'm finna beat my brother ass, he bought my granny lean
This nigga head fucked up, he just beat up a fiend[Verse 9: BabyTron]
Get you killed for a dub, that's a PPP
Summertime last year, that shit was a EDD
I know you see this icy-ass chain, if you reach, I tee
Looking at yo team, I can tell that you the weakest link
Ayy, ShittyBoyz
Huh, I ain't done, I'ma keep rapping
Three lines in a Tron verse? Boy, that's three captions
I might get the [?] I don't need practice
In Wally World, double back if the piece active
Horse mode, showing wave riders who the sea captain
Looking at the strippers in the club like, "Y'all gon' need jackets"
Road running, I know where I'm at but I see cactus
Huh, probably somewhere in the dessert
Bitch play with me? Well she probably somewhere in the blender
Catch him out in traffic, .223s ain't gon' lift his fender
Big shitty up in Saks, I'm the biggest spender[Outro: BabyTron]
Huh, ayy, ShittyBoyz

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