Bitch, ow
Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch
Bitch, bitch, bitch, Wes Sheck
Sheck Wes, bitch, uh
I was the first nigga to say bitch too, nigga, bitch, uh
I put that shit on the block, uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, bitch [Verse]
Xanny got that ho dyin' (bitch)
Sheck Wes, bitch, comin' through like a lion (rawr)
You don't want no static 'cause my niggas totin' iron (bitch)
Your boy got that glizzy and he so damn used to firin'
So don't try him, nigga, I'm from Harlem (woo)
Learboy Sheck Wes, bitch, I be ballin' (swish)
Pull up to your block and I'm shootin', Klay Thompson (swish)
Milo got a dirty, swear to God, you better watch him
Lust Gang with me, and you know my young niggas be watchin' (ow)
Walk up in the spot and all the [?] is watchin' (ow)
Walk up in the party, all the dirty hoes is starvin' (uh)
Sheck Wes, Lust Gang, 30 deep, we mobbin' (uh)
Always got the drop because these pussy niggas plottin' (uh)
I like sayin' shit because all the bitches like me (uh)
All the bitches like me, all the niggas wanna fight me (uh)
I be up on 15th, from the block where you could find me (uh)
Posted up with my sweats, 1017, I'm icy (bitch)
Bitches goin' crazy (huh)
Hoes be callin' Sheck Wes like they wanna have my babies (are you dumb?)
Need to wrap my willy for a hoe, she tried to slay me (are you dumb?)
I don't wrap my drum because that shit be feeling' wavy
Bitch, I'm Sheck Wes, not the one
Young Sheck Wes, you, you goin' crazy (uh)
I just got some condoms from my uncle Quasi Casey (uh)
Fuck you bitches, pay me (uh), bitch, I'm young Sheck Wes (uh)
I don't cop no chains because I ain't the type to flex, flex (uh)
30 bands on a necklace that's chicken for the check, check (bitch)
I attract the cops so that shit be gettin' hectic (bitch)
Used to be a rookie, now young Sheck Wes, he a vet, vet
Used to be a rookie, now young Sheck Wes, he a vet, vet, shit
Young Sheck Wes in trouble, tell my boy to get the grip
Pass Sheck Wes a grip, conceal a grip right by my hip
Sheck Wes, it's game over like my nigga Lil Flip (huh)
If you don't respect the clique, then suck my motherfuckin' dick (huh)
New York boy Sheck Wes, 50 bitches in the pent' (huh)
Cartiers on my face, bitch, I can't see you through the tints (huh)
Young Sheck Wes, bitch, I'm fresher, bitch, I'm fresher than some mints (huh)
I'm ith my nigga Lid and we swervin' in the whip
I just fucked a bitch, young Sheck Wes, I just fucked a bitch (ha)
She just sucked my dick, she just sucked young Sheck Wes' dick (ha)
I be goin' crazy, I be goin' off the shits (what)
Niggas wanna try me, I put 50s in the clip (bitch)
I put 50s in a bitch (bitch), I put 40s in your face (uh)
If you try young Sheck Wes, I cut your hair off like you Mase
Bitch, it's 1998 (bitch), born in 1998 (huh)
Bitch, we run where I stay, bitch, I'm young Sheck, I'm the wave
I got whips like a slave, I got whips like a slave
I put a nigga in the grave, get your head fuckin' shaved
Like a Nazi, like a fuckin' paparazzi everywhere I go
Young Sheck Wes, bitch, they askin' can they throb me, can they slob me
Can they watch me, can these, woo, bitch[Outro]
Man, I was freestylin' this shit, nigga
Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch
Blizzard on the, bitch
Pussy, uh, mine, bitch
Yo, Blizzard, uh, uh, uh
Posted up like Kareem, bitch
[?] that's my team, bitch
Don't smoke or drink, bitch
I used to do that lean, bitch

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