[Verse 1]
I am the queen, wanna know why?
You can never do what I do, but I love that you try
Uh, I love you guys, but
I flow so sick that they [?] like rivers
Speed like a bus when I pick up
They wanna clash me, but will not be caught
I'm reluctant, but free my nigga [Verse 2]
Who would I be without the buzz?
Shaybo the queen, Shaybo the boss
Life giddy, all my [? Lagos]
Can't believe I'm famous
I used to bump the bus
'Til they called the cops
It's not me alone, it was all of us
They would take us together, [?]
You better [?] or bend down
I am the queen of the Ends now
I got my eye on man, rub his gun on the low-key
But who gon' avenge ya?
I'm not pretender, [?], stupid person, [?]
They're chattin' bad breeze over air, but bitch is plain
So I don't even care, leave me where
Just send me your location, I'll meet you there
So be prepared
[Verse 3]
That's not my nigga, should I kick off?
Can't kick quitters, do not filler
I been up and down with niggas
You ain't with us, did not pick us, why?
I got a [?] and I was tryna ring us, fake-ass niggas, bye
Now my jewels got a big, big shine
Plus, it's better than all the guys
The queen of the South [?]
I can't even beef that bitch
'Cause if I do, then everyone knows her
I'm givin' exposure
And I didn't even get to fuck her up, no closure
Caught up in my roller, then flip the switch like I'm bipolar[Outro]
Like I'm bipolar, she got a little play, this world, they still don't know her
They still don't know ya, they still don't know ya
Before the game begun, it was already over, ah

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