Keep It Basic lyrics

[King Com (skit)] Ladies and gentlemen!
I am proud to present to you...
The king... the dracula!
SHAUN KLAAS!![verse one]Let's keep it basic for the chancers
Came through just to shit on the game...
And then we change it like some pampers
No offence to all my peers. but none of y'all are
Coming near to the man
Let's go pen for pen like we're chief markers...
Finna hand you all your answersGold grill? why you lying?
It's brassMy nigga i know where you at, you're acting
Bravo, these grammies are at ya'
Bad broad, shе as thick as a cactus
She wants me to grab on her bait likе a master
Flew over your head like a halo
I'm joking, then fade all you niggas like barbers...
I hope you all get where i'm headed
The darkest and greenest of pastures
I'm opulent, gate crashing while you wait
For your passesLet's keep it basic the whip be suspended
The cash... you get it, you get it, you spend it
I keep it basic, it's simple
I wrote this while buying my biscuit with coins
At the vendor
Okay, i exaggerate, clearly. it's life, i commends that
You follow a rapperI feel like i'm an opium package
It's funny i manage
I fathom that rappers who rap about rappers not rapping
Are nothing but gang fishLet 'em keep thinking that they're savage
Wouldn't mind a nigga living lavish
Only chase the cash if you're a catfish
You're that nigga calling out your foes?From now on i know you as a bad bitch[King Com (skit)]Don't get tired now, mf'ethu. don't get tired now
Just one more left hook... and one more left hook
Hay' come on mf'ethu!! moera lekaka joe!We came here to win dawgg, Swiinta doesn't take
Any losses. now let's gooo!!![verse two]I just hope i make it past thirty seven
Rap about nasty shit, please don't assume that i'm evil
I am no villain, but shout out to villains my avenue cold
You can stay hating i came for your soulBeen contemplating this mayhem, afraid i'm sincere
As a majorI dig 'em like hoes
Bury your ass and i shit on your flowers and make
The undertaker sniff on your roseSmoke alone, that's a private jet
Contemplate on death
Gun pop a nigga like a percocet
When i serve the set. when i serve the set
Came for the jugular gotta stay focused
Dracula nigga you're doing 'em so, filthy
You're dirty, and nerdy, a slithering snake in a
I think it'd be better for no one to know
You ought to try and not drown in my flow
I'm synonymous with poets on coke
Shit is awkward nigga, seemingly so
I'm a foeThey're taking shots and i pose
They think they're better 'cause i have been quiet
They know
I came to slaughter, aligning they're heads in order
I'm border line crazy, them niggas don't phase me
I've seen a 360 before
All you ever do is talk about clones
All you ever do is talk about flows
All you ever do is lose your respectI break your neck like a code
I'm no veteran
SHAUN, damn it! take is slow
Fire on it like a match
Keep it coming for the mans...
And keep it basic for the bros
Shaun Klaas – Keep It Basic

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