First time, i tried to put my heart on the line
Ironic how i was left out hanging to dry
Pure intentions only had me thinking of demise
My demise, devise a plan on committing suicide
Back then i used to think that god was on my side I was overreacting, the heart is fragile at times
This time, i'd like to think a nigga's becoming wise
Road to riches is narrow they claim that it's open wideWhat it cost... to be the boss? me flexing
And claiming sauce
Sleep could never make up for all the
Drеams that i bought
The few niggas i argue with arе really my bros
Niggas say their friends just because they never foughtWait... few things that i gotta address it's hard
Women say they love me, i'm starting to think i'm soft
Been like this since 2015 i know that i'm wrong
Few women gonna get touched when they hear this songCrack a joke and y'all think i'm opening up my heart
Never been a player i know i look like a fraud
Honesty and humor make up for a great loss, but
Again... we never met, i got tired of playing lost
Never been the person who brushes some people off
I'm stressing, honestly i'm just venting, i'll keep it shortI'm struck by a few but not enough to fall in love
Dodged a bullet told myself that i'm never getting involvedApologies if you ever feel like i led you on
I'd understand if you wish you never met me at all
Won't swear i'm different i got a bigger purpose on this
Earth than showing a few women i'm good and proving them wrongWe pessimistic, life goes on
Good times we seem to miss 'emAll i ever think about is family and getting richer
But prior to me making this song
It's really sad, but i find it funny how i'm attached to
Everything that's little
Shell, hard as hell. nowadays i'm feeling brittle
Mid life crisis but i'm 20 this shit's a riddle
I'm cold, i'm tired, running in circles, stuck in the middle...
Of nowhere
Man i'd rather not go there
Know you might get offended
I cut ties with some people still wish that it never ended
I'd rather be alone than show love... and still be pretending
Family stressing asking when is this shit gonn' be ending
What's the message i'm sending?Ohh, man it's awkward
Things lose meaning, grow apart, we're barely talking
Used to see my neighbour now and then, now
We meet oftenBonds break only for the better... who am i tossing?
Maybe for the worse, above all... i see some coffins
Peers are really stressing and dying, i see the lossesUsed to be a therapist for most, but i grew toxicPressures of being a young man and being an artist
Or asshole, think i'm stuck in a manhole... shit is garbage
Deep in my feelings i spark a blunt and then get to coughing
Flaws in my image, some day i'll get to flossing
If flowers die colourful, i'll smile 'til i hit the coffin
"pretty expires, beauty remains" is another topicJeah!
Hope i never fall
Or lose passion
That's all

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