[Verse: Shan Vincent de Paul]
And if it all came down to the wire
I’d ride out on to the war with you
Ride that storm with you
And if it all burned down in the fire
I’d lie down on to the floor with
Kneel to the Lord with you
Played my part like a loyal soldier
Sat back quiet til’ it boiled over
Ain’t say shit when they snubbed me over
I scraped my wings for the fuckin’ culture
But this shit is so fickle I can’t fly with it
And it’s just so flighty, I can’t glide with it
And this shit is so fishy I can’t dive in it
Too(two) dicey with a bunch of ‘snake eyes’ in it
Fuck it, I’ll pay my dues in blood
Double up on my deal with god
Covered up all these scars with love
Cuttin’ off all thesе groupies off
Put it on repeat
Lеt it go viral
Tell em’ SVDP’s suicidal
I’mma die trying
Or get rich on an island
Or get kissed by the reaper
Or get slapped the fuck up by holy ghosts
Holy moses! I’ve been holdin’ up my staff and
Making sure my faculty is eatin’
Feasting on the sweetest fruits of labor
Cause if we can’t secure a couple acres
Tell me why the fuck we talkin’ paper
I’ve been scheming dreams so fuckin’ major
Reaping all of those late late
Night nights (right right)
In the stu, writing, fighting for my whole life like
If the next hit don’t hit the bull’s-eye’s iris
I’ll risk the whole come up
There’s no reset button, no un-doing
So I’m doing the “soul crusher”
That’s an outer body some kamikaze approach shit
That’s an awful lot of you rappers that’s getting ghosted
Get the paparazzi to pop up when I am posted But this ain’t Hollywood
This is fuckin’ highly explosive
I’ve been on a mission to put a foot in your mouth
Waiting for the day for a rapper to call me out
Turn a fuckin’ goat to a billy club with a soda
Beating him until he bleating
Feeding him to the prophet
Leaving him with a liter of DNA on the carpet
And call up Pita to tell them that
All of them getting slaughtered
Ain’t no soul that’s touching my style boy
Tailor made out the clouds boy
Angel wings metallic made now boy
So ain't no scrapin’ that ground boy
So tell the whole damn city now
I’ll be seated now on to the throne with the king’s head
Its bigger than your weak top five
That I’ll eat live, but they fallen or been dead
This is execution
Kill that list where you check the greatest
Cause unless you Adam Bomb or Aubrey Graham
I ain’t trying to hear no legend speculation
This that great white north flow partna
By that brown boy born in Jaffna
With that black art green gets stacked up
Bow down boy or boy get chalked up
This shit ain’t lit
This shit ain’t litty
This shit ain’t fire
This shit is sixteen tamil tiger’s vengeance
Down to detonate for independence
This shit is Mandela starving while locked up
This shit is Genghis Khan upon his conquer
This shit is Ghandi fighting British rule
Using nothing but the light of God to watch him
This shit is Godly, this shit is murky
This shit is Jesus Christ on my shoulders yelling
“Go on Shan, kill em’ all with no mercy!”
Ten rappers lined up on death row
Six million ways to die special
A life time of pain I can’t let go
With my demons, I still wrestle
Beneath all this ego, a mess, IGuess I, still got some shit I still got to chip off the shoulder
Chip off the old block, just like my papa
Popped off a couple of pop songs for profit
And they all thought I was off on some pop shit
Aww shit, here we go again
Back up on my cannibal ox
No etiquette, prophetic, got the aux cable on fire again
Top pedigree boxin
Tell them all this is the gawd Shan Vincent de Paul
Appalled by half you poppin
So kill that light buzz you got
I’m buzz light years ahead, ain’t got no time to toy with this
I burnt the bible papa packed up
But I still pack the pistol mama left me
They might think I’m lying when I shed my truth
So I made my bed of truth to lie up on it
Made a fuckin’ legend
Die iconic

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