[Verse: Coleman Hell]
Well ain’t them text still venomous
She used to write me letters with
And sign them x o x o x o skeleton
The only way I’m fly
Is way up high inside your web again
No wedding ring, no wedding gown
Don’t let me down
I’m better now than I ever been
Better now then never ever
I’m lit up off of that medicine
Like Edison, the clouds is where my head is in
I’m hesitant
Cause I feel like a peasant in, the present tense
And if I was a king I know I probably get beheaded quick
Headed quick, down the wrong path, man I’m getting sick
When we kiss, it’s a car crash
Then I’m dead again [Verse: Shan Vincent de Paul]
A 21 gunshot salute to you to you for keeping your cool amongst hard truth
If anyone ask about my whereabouts
Or whereabouts we goin’, u can play stupid
Ha ha yay yay baby ung huh
Ha ha yay yay baby uh huh
Last time we said that’d be the last time
Makin’ up
Can’t find my way with you these land lines keep breaking up
Breaker breaker
1 999
Tell the operator I be fine
And Ive been I’ve been
On a high and hiding riding out storm I
Hit the fork before we hit the road I
Six zeros before we six below I
Fit for king but wouldn’t fit the profile
The chip up off my shoulder
Sits in my holster
Holding my demons loaded my clips
Eclipsing my soul to and holdin’ ghosts and toasting to foesWaking my calling , let them march on
Pray for my sins and hope that karma don’t haunt my daughter , life when I’m done
Let them sing about me praise saints names
Remember my face faith and face when I’m gone

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