[Verse 1: Shabaam Sahdeeq]
Yo, yo we throw slug rhymes at niggas over your airtime
Knock em out position, drink and piss in the moonshine
We take time, rewind that, counterclockwise
Got it on tape, swellin your face, showin you ca-ca
No shut eye, Cocoa B's, sinister B's, nuff trees
Fog like London when you come in the dungeon
Hot shit, oven mitts what you need
To swing with these three MC's like heavy pendants [Verse 2: Tek]
Step to the side Dunn Dunn, you know these bullets is nameless
Like virgin ass cats who hate, because they gameless
Put down the stainless, only to grip upon the plastic
Lighter to carry, metal detectos can't track it
If it's, reason to cock, then it's, reason to spit
You took my man's shit, the reason you got hit
Now you hold that and live with it, plastic bag shit
When your boys come around, you can tell em ? did it[Verse 3: Steele]
Yo watch us lace shit like new kicks, my crew's quick
To pull tools and stick you for your jewels, and loot stupid
Punk bitch, make you run quick, run yo' shit
You don't deserve it, gettin' served on some herb shit
Like Pee Wee Herman, y'all niggas caught jugglin' sperm
And I burn them dickriders serpents times the rounds is German
Luger shells, who the hell them nickel-plated duplicates
Fuck this, we bring the ruckus, niggas ain't doin' shit
"For every rhyme I write, it's twenty-five to life"
"Realize sucker.."
"For every rhyme I write, it's twenty-five to life"
"Better recognize it.."
"For every rhyme I write, it's twenty-five to life"
"..better ask somebody!"
"For every rhyme I write, it's twenty-five to life"
"You don't know?" .. "You better ask somebody!"[Verse 4: Shabaam Sahdeeq]
Track metal, rip through your crew like hacksaws
Attack jaws, and break both legs on the tour
The crowd, beggin for more, splash em with metaphors
Leave em wet like Coney Park when I display the art
I choke notes, batter bass, murder treble
Injure contenders, and turn they whole fort to rubble
S-Double, rebel for the new millineum
Rules we bendin em back, we crackin them straps, we packin em[Verse 5: Tek]
Duck Down Records wrecks ya bring the Rawkus Steele and Tek shit
Shabaam slams, my fam's connected, Duke respect it
Don't make my dog get angry in public like he does
Make shit hectic start buggin' then pull the plug and disconnect shit
[Verse 6: Steele]
I'm like a big purple and yellow, CBR eleven hundred
You like the Honda scooter, no gears and one color
When I was younger I was speed to let the heat blow
But now I'm rappin' like Usher, I do it Nice and Slow[Tek]
Hit these niggas with a Tyson blow, slicin' foes
Throwin' shark skins at those who come here to oppose[Verse 7: Steele]
I bled Arabic with ones, told him rock with that
My brother went up top, and seen papi with that
My nigga, what, call them bastards 'fore he cuts two gats
Another Bed-Stuy's finest was fuckin' with that[Verse 8: Shabaam Saheeeq]
For the record, we just grab the mic, and we check it
Kinda unexpected, for the ones that's dozin
Leavin you open like a gash, nigga PEEP my style
I rips it foul, you ain't sayin nothin I'm fearin
B-K to B-X, B-X to N-J
Music to my ear like Tito Puente, comprende?
Spit verbs for my gente, don't get it confused
You lose, fuckin with those that don't care
Put your ear to the concrete, feel the buzz on the street
The elite in my fleet, takin dimes to the hole
You ask who got soul? Sahdeeq and Cocoa's
Flow blow yours, flat on the beach like sand castles
[Hook]And that's what it be black, it's all about
Gettin' deep on, this session.. uh-huh
You know how it go, Sahdeeq, Cocoa B's, Smokin Gunz
Nick the Wiz, ?, that arabic, big U-N-I
Yeah, bitches..[Outro: Eddie Griffin]
Yeah this is Eddie Griffin right?
I wanna give a shout out to uh, the Beat Junkies
J-Rocc, Babu, Rawkus Records in the MOTHERF... in the house!

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