Our hopes turn to ghosts
And every time it comes
Reaching for their gun
I'm looking through the seam that I'm falling from
To reveal the sun There's a fire
Right behind me
Embrace the flame
And burn inside meOceans overflow
The ending of everything
And all that never ends
Has fallen downFace first to the dirt
Never saw it come
Never been this close
Am I alone or inviting the chemical
Carry us alongWhile the ceiling falls around me
Deepening the sinkingOceans overflow
The ending of everything
And all that never ends
Has fallen down
Oceans overflow
The ending of everything
Into oblivion
Has fallen downThe oceans overflow
Waves are casting shadows
Sickness spreads like cancer
I would give anythingGod I hope you see
Left behind
Gave it all away
Nothing left in me

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