We’ve Got A Problem lyrics

We've got a problem
I can't control this anymore
No sympathy for my misery and the devil's at my door
We are the ones who crawl within
Knock, knock, open up, I won't be left behind again
You bitch!

Knee-deep in shit and struggle
Now you wanna run
I'm on my knees from this disease, I'm pleading sanctuary

Kill me
From the demons in my head, you cannot run nor can you hide

"You're crazy!"
Shut the fuck up and listen to me
You’re gonna hear me out this time

We’ve - got - a - problem

Don’t fucking forget 'bout you and me
So hold me til death did us part
I am the one who crawls within
And from the insidе out, I’m gonna tear you apart

I'm gonna hit you til I can’t hit you no more
Yeah, I’m obsеssed and I'm insecure
Two hits, I hit you and you hit the floor

No more (?)
No more of you hypocrites

My boy wouldn’t hurt a soul
He’s just an innocent child, you know
And if he did, I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose (it was!)
Well then they probably fucking deserved it (hehehehehahahaha!)

We didn't have to (?)
I'll stop that boy if I can scare him!

Hahahaha, don’t you know by now girl?
I’m already fucking dead
I’m already down in my grave
The fucking walls just ain’t caved in on me yet

I refuse to be a vessel
For good nor for evil
And I understand that people long for something to believe in
These aren’t just lyrics to me
With every song that I sing
I write these words like I'm writing my fucking eulogy
I’m smashing every mirror I can get my hands on
I can’t stand my own reflection
And I’m in so much pain

Set to Stun, we don’t give a fuck! (x2)
Set to Stun, we don’t give a fuck! (x2)
I will return

You ain’t seen the last of me
Cause I can hold my breath for a long, long time

Set To Stun – We\'ve Got A Problem

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