Mom brought a bundle home the other day
It wasn't groceries or laundry
She called it a "bundle of joy"
I asked her, "Mom, what is this bundle of joy?"
And she said, "Frida, it's a baby boy" We got a brand new baby
He's gonna live here too
We got a brand new baby
But there's not much he can do
We got a brand new baby
Mom says he looks like me
We got a brand new baby
But I'm sure I don't agree'Cause he's got no clothes
And he's got no hair
And he spends the day just lying there
Mom goes, "Coochiе coo!"
And he goes, "Boo boo!"
So what's a poor sister to do?Wanna play ball?
(Nookеdy bye!)
Wanna play tag?
(Nookedy bye!)
Wanna hear a story?
(Wiggady barry!)
Sorry! Oh, brother!We got a brand new baby
He really likes to cry!
I'd really like to like him
And I'll try, oh boy, I'll try!
We got a new baby
Will somebody tell me why?

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