Sam's Not Hot Freestyle lyrics

Brr, yuh
Haha, woah!
Yuh, hey
Let me hear you shout it bitch
I tell her Sam's Not Hot
Tell her Sam’s Not Hot
She said 'Babe, you are a savage'
I said ’Babe, that's what I thought' [Verse 1]
I'm ready to fucking go
Finna roast a bitch you already know
Make an album then I make my dough
I'm all the way up and you're far down below
Don't fuckin' try me hoe
I’m speedin’ up don't think I’m takin' it slow
I'm rapping so fast like a god damn pro
You can try to keep up, while I spit this flowI'm white like fuckin’ snow
But I still got Jewish white boy glow
Every time I spit fire you're surprised like whoa
But whenever I roast you be like "oh no!"
That's right I'll end you hoe
I'll finish you off and then you can go
Cause I am so done with all of your bullshit
Try not to trip when you walk out the door
[Verse 2]
Man's Not Hot but I'm heatin' up
Got a brand new flavor let's spice it up
I don't check the price, just roll the dice
All this ice on my wrist that's Nice For What
Nice For What? What I gotta do for you?
If you don't mind I'd rather ignore you
Cause believe it or not I don't fuckin' adore you
Get the fuck out my face before I report youYou're annoying bitch! Get out of my face
Haven't you ever heard of personal space?
I think this bitch tryna catch a case
Like who let you up here in the first place?
Get outta here I didn't invite you
Can you name anyone that truly likes you?
Cause I can't really think of any, so
If you don't leave now Imma have to fight you[Verse 3]
Think you're hot shit
And you think you're all that
If by hot shit you mean hot mess
Than that is a fucking fact
Like bitch, who are you?
I think you should clarify
Can you give me one good reason
Why you showed up here tonight, sike!
I don't really care
Why don't you just get outta here
Before I roast yo ass, cause you're straight up trash
Little ugly hoe you should be scared
Cause I'm comin' in hot never gonna fuckin' stop
Puttin' you in a god damn grave til you rot
Goin' 6 feet under but I'm on top
Yo it's Seriously Sam and Man's Not Hot![Verse 4]
Man's Not Hot but I'm lit as fuck
When I rap on the beat that shit burns up
Boutta cause a fire and you are a liar
If you think that we don't need a fire truck
Cause I'm the one that stay servin' heat
From the minute I'm up 'til I go to sleep
If you wanna get lit follow my technique
Yo it's Seriously Sam and I'm here all weekHere all week I don't plan on stoppin'
Game face on as I soon as I pop in
Straight to the top but I'm still not hot
Even though I got the god damn album droppin'
Album droppin', better get ready
Soon as it hits that shits' so deadly
Better get hype turn up all night
Almost midnight now someone get confetti
Time to celebrate, time to get fucked up!
Tell the startender fill my cup!
From dusk to dawn let's get it on
Just do your best not to get starstruck
Cause I know I kind of
Give off that vibe
But if I said you're better than me
Then I definitely lied, ha![Verse 5]
Yo, I got racks on racks
Count it up I got stacks on stacks
Already know that I got the blow
Now that's what I call Sam Sack On Crack
Sam Sack On Crack, what'd you except?
I got so much damn money to collect
So let's head to the bank then get me a drank
Then do the whole thing over againBut I'm not gonna take a break, hell no!
Fuck outta here stupid hoe!
You ain't stoppin' me, you ain't droppin' me
My monopoly finna grow!
Like whatcha gonna do about it?
Imma just blow the fuck up don't doubt it
'Til then makin' my way to the top cause the Man's Not Hot
Let me hear you shout it, bitch![Outro]
Brr, yuh
Haha, woah!
Yuh, hey
Let me hear you shout it bitch
Seriously Sam – Sam\'s Not Hot Freestyle

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