Really it be to easy to just let the words go
Really real easy to flow mad absurd tho
I could face my problems alone toe to toe
I really don't need to , I leave my problems at the alter
God take care of em, he had me lose my ego
Praying daily , that I won't falter, father tuning me up like a mechanic , went through times that were frantic, God still held onto me while I panicked I don't understand it , I let myself drift so many times
But if that's what it took to make me , then I'm fine with who planned it
The Lord, changed my situation , I went from I can't, to I can quick
I canned the sin, Still a broken sinner, but now God can manage , I give up myself , I submit to the almighty, now I'm preaching Jesus, like a Jesus fanaticTake what you need Lord, change what you want , you can have it
Subtracting and adding like mathematics
Use me like a tool , no longer rusting in the attic
Painting me a new character
Writing my story , with meaning character
All the glory goes to the king of kings
Take me , and form me , he sees more the average
I want to be used , I don't wanna stay in passive
God got massive plans for me , and massive is not even close to what he can manage My own paths taken where all crooked and mishapend
God's path is real tangent , as for my life on earth , I have my ups and downs
Still God shifting my sound, to make for him music
With meaning , purpose in my pain , destined with reasons , and yet I don't deserve all this love
God bring fourth out me , your love , I desire to be with you in the heavens above , make me I need to be , not just to look like a stud
I wanna spread all the love , and plant seeds for you to uproot in the lost individuals
Relationship over religion, that part is real critical
I need more of god And less of me , I seek him in the spiritual
Use me Lord , manage me to perform miraclesSensei Steve to all who's listening
Sensei Steve for the kids
Sensei Steve, redirecting
Sensei Steve , a weapon for the kingdom
Spreading gods love with gods wisdomCan only do so with the God of love

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