Westside Story Freestyle lyrics

Yo, rain, fire and Ruck let the heat pour
Niggas like "Ruck, the fuck you rhymin' to this beat for?"
Life is like a motherfuckin' seesaw
One minute you hot and the next "Yo where's Rock?"
None of ya biz
Fuck around and run in ya crib
Your wife like "He ain't here", throw some at your wiz
Niggas runnin' up on me till the trey pound click
Talkin' 'bout "Ruck let's battle" on some 8 Mile shit
I'm like...
"Nigga my name ain't B. Rabbit, it's Sean Price
Big Ruckus when bustin' these ratchets
Or call me 'Gay Basher' when snuffin' up these faggots."
Y'all niggas ain't tough when you're frontin', stay passive
Yo, pass the dutch on the left hand side
Sean Gone Till November stole Wyclef' ride
Bob Backlund, car jackin', New Jersey drivin'
Y'all niggas ain't think about rappin' till you heard me rhymin', what!

Sean Price – Westside Story Freestyle

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