I've done some things that I must keep
Bleeding[?] psychosis soliloquy
Shadows exist in my eyes
What can I do to help you inside Keep taking 'x' until I die
The voice is louder every time
I lay inside my bed at night
I don't know why I just won't fightBottles are falling and nothing is stopping from pulling triggers on all of you hoes
In this rock we call home all we do is sit and suffer the consequences of others, it's never our fault
The presence here is him[?]
And he tells me to drink from the cup from my fallen brother
So I sip and I die and I'm never caught asking why
I just do what he tells me to make sure I'm fine(Humming)Psychosis soliloquy
A lesson that I'll have to hear and read
Learn everything quicker
All the voices in your head can(whispering)

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