[Intro: Scott Cramer]
Ladies, are you tired of all these guys that just want to sleep with you, but don't want to do all the cute boyfriendy things? Well, I'm not like those guys. Listen up, uh! [Chorus 1: Scott Cramer]
We can do a Halloween combo costume
You wanna watch a chick flick, then I'll watch, too (Girl)
If you're feeling hungry, girl, I got you
Text me your order 'cause I'm in the drive-through (What you want?)
I would never diss for happy hour (Nope)
Tag along to every baby shower (I'm there)
If I had to climb the tallest tower
I'll see you at the top 'cause, girl, you've never had it like me[Post Chorus: Scott Cramer]
That's right girl
I know you've never had it like me
You've never had it like this!
Look[Verse 1: Scott Cramer]
You know I'm not like other guys
You can tell that I'm genuine when you look into my eyes
You wanna go shopping
You know that I'll give you a ride
And, girl, when I'm driving, I'll put my hand on your thigh, like
Ooh, I really like that
I saw it on Twitter
It said if you want a girl, this is the way you can get her
But if it doesn't work out, I'm not gonna be bitter
I'll step up my game 'cause I'm not a quitter
You know that
[Chorus 2: Scott Cramer]
We don't gotta turn up every weekend
If you like my hoodie, you can keep it (It's your's)
On the phone until you fall asleep, and
If you want a freak, then, baby, I can be that (Ha!)
You know I'ma buy your mama flowers
Watch you flip all week, be dead for hours (Hours)
Being charming is like my superpower
I know you've had a lot
But, girl, you've never had it like me[Post Chorus: Scott Cramer]
I know you've never had it like me[Verse 2: domguypazman]
You thought you had it, baby girl
But it wasn't me
You got you a husband, baby girl
But he decided to leave
He was a jerk, and didn't work, and now I make you see
He was a walking disease
Would do anything at your please
Like gossip 'bout girl from work (Yeah, she's the worst)
Always played your favorite game (So you get first)
Attended yoga class with you and your hot friends
No worries, I'm not attracted to any of them
"I wanna go shopping," then let's go to the mall
"I can't decide what to buy," then I'll buy it all
'Cause I'm responsible, and stable, and I make good money
And always laugh at your jokes, babe, 'cause you're so funny (Haha!)
It doesn't matter what you wear, you don't look bad
Unless we talking about that booty, I always talk straight facts
Make you happy as could be
You'll be living the dream
[?], girl proposing to me
[Chorus 3: Scott Cramer]
If you're feeling sick up in the head
I'ma make you breakfast in bed (How you like your eggs?)
You know I got my homie, jelly spreads
Slap it on there after I toast your bread (Tasty)
If you wanna kill a couple hours
I got a Disney movie and some flowers (That's right)
I can show you that the world is our's
Hope you understand that, girl, you've never had it like me

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