O beloveth sons
Giving destruction a voice
Incompareable and yet hidden so carefully
Behind the veils of secrets
Born of pestilence and plague
Of blackest dust, their storms
Of purest ecstacy, their wrath And highest walls will fall
As I try to understand the numbers and words
Wich are unwritten and unintelligibleCounting to seven and back
As names can't fill the holes in knowledge
Reaching rooms of emptiness
No human eyеs had seen before
Going from whencе no one returns
Entering spaces no man has ever walked
As I pray to the foundations of chaosI walked into the flames, and I knew
There are definitions of the burning pain
Crawling on human backs
And there are names
For the poisonous seed of rejection
Lurking in places unknown
Arrayed in terror
Falling like rain from the sky
As the blaze of the ancient presence of death
For they are seven
I was banished
From the waste of restriction
And I watched the harlot die in the streets
I was forsaken
Am I forsaken?
Telal took me by the handGuided by the architects
Of a world between the worldsI saw the spawn of the earth
The serpents from below
Where they came from
I wandered, for their places are mine
I saw the storms from above
Guiding pest and plague of millions of years
And I saw the light
For I have seen darkness
And I knew
There are definitions of the fire of pain
Crawling on the face of men
And there are names for the burning perdition
For the venom of gods

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