He Whose Face Is Made of Entrails



Come closer, see me as a vision of delight
As I'm essential
Lord of abomination
Know my name, hear my word, come closer
As I speak revelation Divine revelation of dimensional downfall
Before the sun of life
For I was born of the ancient blood
For I am source and kingdom of decayMy symbol, my word
My breath is rot
It is holy
The stench of death, odour of decomposition
It is holyWitness the fall of life through my will
Necessity in every wayCall upon me
Call upon me, reach darkness
As you breathe in the southern winds, out of abyssos
Where physical expiration feeds my paradiseCome closer, let me fall into you as you fall into me
While no light shall reveal the way you follow
To gain sublimination, in feculence of purity
Let me surge, let me flow through you
Dominating flesh and mind
For you chose invocation
Serving powers, older than time itself

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