This is still a dream, so now I'm in the basement all night
Recording in my ghetto little setup, it's all right
I used to stack chairs on top of a table
With the mic on that, I'm holdin it to keep It stable

But I feel like I'm movin to a new chapter
So goodbye to the old and welcome what's comin after
The laughter replacing the hatred and anguish
Showing that love translates through any language

I'm blessed cuz to me this shit is basic
And you been tryin for years and still can't taste it
Should've worked harder before you chose to chase it
You second rate maybe it's time for you to face it
You know what they say kid, fuck what you heard
I am the shit and you just a turd
Going hard on a biggie beat just to show
It's about time for you to act like you know Chorus:
You know very well, who you are
Keep on dreamin baby, you'll be a star
You have a goal, so don't get lazy
(it's all good baby baby)I'm blasting off, to a whole new galaxy
Maybe earth isn't the place for my fantasy
Because it's been Long way, but I'm just gettin started
I'm about to make everyone who doubted feel retarded
When they see me blow cuz of this freaky flow
Its not an easy road to my own tv show
With some sleezy hoes, I'll turn the nice ones to porn stars
Report cards? Fuck that, I need some sports cars
But first off, I gotta get my shit legitimate
I'm rippin it but still ain't got enough people listening
My skills impeccable I dare you to critic it
Then try and tell me anything other than "bro you killin it"
And yea I know but I can't be actin cocky
When inside me I know that I'm really Hip hops rocky
See me and you won't expect to be impressed
Hear me and know I'm goin down as one of the bestChorusI can't stop, knowin I'm flowin a jackpot
Growin and showin I'm harder than the blacktop
This generation of sand niggas I'm the mascot
So if you see me gon flash a snapshot
Cuz now it's nothin special but your witnessin the molding
Of a hip hop legend being crafted outta gold
The story's still goin gotta watch it unfold
It's under my control it lies in my soul
So now I gotta spread it from within me
Shoot it out in all directions like a frisbee
Share with you the moments of my life that enriched me
And show you that I never sold out bitch I been me
(Now I'm in the limelight cuz I rhyme tight)
This is my life so I'm makin moves when the times right
I shine bright, so close your eyes
Fall asleep and dream with me where we own the skiesChorus

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